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27 January 2017
Kosice, Slovakia
Organised by Creative Industry Kosice



Creative Lenses Forum Košice brings up the discussion about what makes cultural organisations successful and resilient. The event is about strategies which work and people who bring those strategies to life. We are going to talk about the values of culture, and its innovative approach to the everyday problems we have to deal with.


We have invited experts to present different cases of cultural centres and organisations with different strengths, funding strategies and business models. With the focus on the Eastern European context, especially the Slovak one, we would like to analyze good practices and practical models of funding, operation, collaboration, partnership, growth and communication in order to come up with a scenario for business model innovation.


We are also going to question whether corporate business logic with business plans and strategies are applicable in culture. And try to set the best way of how to understand what a value proposition is in the cultural field.


If you work in a cultural centre, cultural organization or as a freelancer in the creative industries, if you are thinking of establishing a business which has your talent and creativity in its centre, then this is a great opportunity to meet, discuss and learn something about different aspects of the work in culture. Innovative approaches might be the inspiration for your next steps.


The Creative Lenses Forum in Košice is fourth out of eight forums in the project Creative Lenses, which is a four-year project (2015-2019) that seeks to make arts and cultural organizations more resilient and sustainable by improving their business models and developing their long-term strategic and innovation capacities.


The Creative Lenses Forum Košice is organized in cooperation with Anténa – sieť pre nezávislú kultúru. It is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Fund for Art of Slovak Republic.


PROGRAMME (more information coming soon)

9:00 Registration.

9:30 Welcome and opening by CIKE.

9:45 Introduction to Creative Lenses by Sandy Fitzgerald (UK).

10:10 Case Studies Presentations. Selected cases of working business models from the cultural sector: Anténa – Sieť pre nezávislú kultúru, Teple Mista (UA), Malý Berlín, A4, Stanica Záriečie, Divadlo Pôtoň, Cooltour Ostrava (CZ) and Tabačka Kulturfabrik.

12:10 Keynote Speech: “Culture in Eastern and Western Europe” by Sue Kay (UK).

13:45 Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Workshop.

13:45 CLINIX. This session takes place in parallel to the Business Model Canvas Workshop. To participate, book a time slot in the registration form (Section 2).

16:20 Closing session.


The Creative Lenses Forum Kosice is a free-entry event.

Register here before 25 January 2017.




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