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6 – 11 April in Lecce, Italy

Organised by Manifatture Knos

This event will be held in Italian.


Why does cultural centre Manifatture Knos (Lecce, Italy) exist? Spontaneity, indecision, disorientation will be the issues of the Creative Lenses Forum held in Lecce from 7 to 11 of April. Five days of workshops, talks and performances together with our guests, working on sustainability of active communities.


This Creative Lenses Forum is an opportunity to look at environmental, social and economic challenges from a different point of view, supporting experiences, collecting challenges, sharing skills in a wide programme of participatory activities.


The Forum aims also to put together a “Manifesto of Manifatture Knos” as an innovative way of thinking collectively new practices in the fields of cultural and social management.


Our guests: Gilles Clément, Alberto Magnaghi, Patrick Bouchain, François Fédier, Michelangelo Frammartino, Angela Barbanente, Alexandre Schild, Paysagistes Sans Frontières, Massimo Amato, Alexandre Schild, Louis Schild and Stéphane Block.


More information about the Forum (in Italian).



Gilles Clément, garden designer
Patrick Bouchain, architect
Alberto Magnaghi, urbanist
François Fédier, philosopher
Alexandre Schild, philosopher
Mieke Renders, Trans Europe Halles and Creative Lenses
Michele Bee, Trans Europe Halles and Creative Lenses
Michelangelo Frammartino, film director
Massimo Amato, economist
Angela Barbanente, urbanist
Paysagistes Sans Frontiéres, architects
Stéphane Block, musician
Louis Schild, musician



Free Entry. Registration required.



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