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The cultural centres Kaapeli (Cable Factory) and Suvilahti are administered by the property management company Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo, which is responsible for renovating and renting the former industrial buildings for the needs of the arts, culture and handicrafts.

Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo offers companies, organisations, artists and event producers space for rent at the Cable Factory and in Suvilahti.

The company has over 300 long-term tenants and numerous subtenants. The aim at both cultural centres is to find tenants who could support not only the development of the cultural centres in general but also each other’s activities.

Covering a total area of 56,000 square metres, the Cable Factory is the biggest and most diverse cultural centre in Finland. It administers 3 museums, 12 galleries, dance theatres, a restaurant, art schools and several working spaces for artists, bands and companies active in the creative industries. Six different event spaces for rent on a short-term basis are used for fairs, festivals, concerts and exhibitions all year round.

Suvilahti is a unique industrial milieu. The former power plant comprises nine buildings, two large gasometers and 2,5 hectares of open-air yard space. Suvilahti’s tenants range from authors to a brewery bar and from a graffitigallery to a restaurant. During summer time Suvilahti is a venue for popular concerts and open-air music events. As the renovation of the facilities progresses, even more tenants and activities will arrive offering year-round open cultural activities and entertainment, expecially in the fields of the arts, new cirkus and theatre.

Annually over 400 000 visitors attend 600 different short-term events at the Cable Factory and in Suvilahti.

Role in the project:
Kaapeli is the leading partner of Creative Lenses, and is one of the organisations participating in the Catalyst Program of the project.


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