About This Partner

P60, a citizen initiative, is the independent venue for pop culture and visual arts in the city of Amstelveen, near Amsterdam airport. Opened in 2001, P60 is 2090 sqm and includes a concert hall (capacity 650 people standing), a foyer, a café/restaurant, and rehearsal rooms for bands/deejays. Visual arts exhibitions are shown on the front wall of the building. The café/restaurant hosts exhibitions by young artists on a regular basis. Each year around 45.000 people attend around 200 activities organised in the centre: concerts, club events, talent development workshops, etc. With a small team of 12 people, and more than 70 local volunteers, P60 is deeply rooted in the local community. The target group of P60 is young adults (age 12-30).

The essence of P60 are the more than 70 local volunteers and 4 international volunteers (European Voluntary Service). All the volunteers have different  backgrounds, which makes P60 an intercultural melting pot. This also means that the policy is very strict (no discrimination because of background, gender, colour, religion and sexual orientation). P60 is member of the international network Trans Europe Halles.

Role in Creative Lenses
“Young adults are living a delicate moment of unemployment, lack of opportunities and disorientation. It’s not easy to motivate them and to maintain their enthusiasm. We try to do it with passion and creativity. We give them a –feel good home”.

Role in project:
P60 is a partner of Creative Lenses, and is one of the organisations participating in the Catalyst Program of the project.


Amstelveen, Netherlnads