The Creative Plot

About This Partner

The Creative Plot is an incubator working with cultural organisations and creative professionals. Its goal is to help teams and entrepreneurs in the creative sector to structure their idea, test them and create financially sustainable solutions.

The Creative Plot always has  a plan. Allied with curious and ambitious friends they have created a creative hub in Lund and the region of Skåne in Sweden. A place where the creative sector develops strong ideas together with academia and businesses, and where the results contribute to society in different ways but always with a human perspective.

The Creative Plot wants to increase the number of companies within the culture sector and the creative businesses that are innovative, economical viable, sustainable and competitive on a national and international level. That is why The Creative Plot explores and encourages new ways of working together, and sharing knowledge. And that’s why it is always looking for new allies, partners and friends. Creative entrepreneurs, brave companies, curious scientists and passionate organizations are encouraged to join The Creative Plot, an initiative by the Cultural and Economic Development departments of the City of Lund.

Role in project:
Partner in the project. Contributes with experience and knowledge from entrepreneurship, business developing and the perspective of the city Lund.


Lund, Sweden