There is a common lack of data regarding many aspects of the cultural sector and specifically about the challenges and characteristics distinguishing the business models of arts and cultural organisations.

To address this, the research component of Creative Lenses aims at describing the business models employed by arts and cultural organisations in Europe, including international comparisons, and how they affect organisations’ capabilities to be social agents. The scope of the investigation is to rethink and explore new ways for arts and cultural organisations to operate and create value, in both economic and social senses.


To achieve this, a combination of methodologies will be used:


a) A literature review of past research including methodologies from the business sector that are relevant and of use for the cultural sector and a showcase of international best practices.


b) Collection of qualitative and quantitative data through focus groups, questionnaires/surveys and semi-structured interviews and practice-based actions in the form of action investigation.


A range of reports and tools will be developed as a direct result of the research and action-based investigations.
The research activities of Creative Lenses are led by the University of Basilicata and the University of the Arts in London.