Workshop 1

Is a part of a series of one-day workshops on business model innovation for non-profit arts and cultural organisations that will accumulate knowledge gathered in the course of Creative Lenses project. The workshops will be led by either Paul Bogen or Sandy Fitzgerald who have considerable expertise in arts management and production.
Each participant will receive a free hard copy of the Creative Lenses Toolkit for business model innovation.



Paul Bogen
Has thirty-five-year experience working in the cultural sector as a producer, project manager, consultant, fund-raiser and trainer, developing and delivering his own projects as well as working for a wide range of public and private clients across Europe. He is a co-director of Olivearte Cultural Agency.

Sandy Fitzgerald
Is an artist, activist and a well-experienced cultural manager & consultant. Former founder and director of City Arts Centre in Dublin and a current partner in Olivearte Culture Agency.


5 March 2019

France, Paris


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